The Dog That Was Ten Minutes Too Late

A call comes in on the emergency helpline around 08:00 pm. An existing client has called to enquire how long the doctor will be available.

We ask him for details of the emergency but he does not know. He has family in the Hooghly district who are looking for a veterinarian for their dog. They are desperate and are willing to drive down to Kolkata immediately with their pet if a doctor is available.We inform him that the duty doctor will be available till 06:00 am the following day.

Less than 2 hours later, a family arrives with their dog. Our paravets run with the stretcher to the vehicle but one look at the dog on the backseat is all it takes to know that the animal is dead.

We decide to attempt a resuscitation and carry the dog inside. While one paravet prepares to place him on oxygen, the doctor checks for a heartbeat but doesn’t hear anything.Immediately, another paravet begins chest compressions. On the third compression, blood gushes out of the dog’s mouth. We know we are too late.

We release the body to the owners.


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